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Traveling Is Fun.

Traveling has been a secret dream of mine. Thing is, I'm scared of flying.

Seriously. Like, terrified of flying.

But I like to drive. So I've settled for a smaller dream, and get an RV. I don't have one yet, but I hope to get one someday. I would travel to historical sites and even National Parks. As an equestrian, I would also use it for horse shows and provide a place for all the riders to stay without a need to pay for a hotel. I like having a dual purpose for things. It makes me feel that I will use them and not buy and forget them.

Several years ago, I went to Yellowstone during my early high school years. It was beautiful. We drove through the Grand Tetons before reaching Yellowstone. Snow was still on the ground, and much of it was twice as tall as I was. It was amazing to see as it was June when we visited. Coming from the South we didn't see much snow, much less than a foot of it. It was still cold somewhat, but not enough to need a heavy coat to stay warm.

A view of the Teton Mountains.

Snow along the road that had yet to melt. Still in the Teton Mountains.

Yes, I was in high school and still skinny. I need to get back to that weight. Anyway, that was a fun drive through the Tetons. It was like a pre show before the grand event. It was comfortably warm that day but it did get cold again. Not sure how long it took us to go through there, but it was long enough to get some beautiful photos. After that, our destination was to Yellowstone, where we saw Bison.

A herd of Bison.

Mother and baby bison.

No, we did not get that close to them, I assure you. It was a lot of zooming in with the camera to get some good shots. Looks like they were shedding their fur for the summer season hence the mats on this bison's neck. They were huge, even bigger than the average horse I've ridden. And speaking of horses, I did go for a trail ride. Who wouldn't, especially as an equestrian?

Riding off into the sunset. Or maybe not.

It was a beautiful adventure. I saw bears frolicking in the woods and crossed a small creek with views of the mountains. With my experience as a rider, I knew when to let my horse figure out where to go. But really, I just relaxed and let him do his thing.

Of course, you can't go to Yellowstone without seeing the infamous Old Faithful. The sky was blue and clear that day, a perfect time to go visit the site. It took a while, but we did see the geyser go off.

Old Faithful.

My favorite part of the trip was the trail ride of course. But the views were amazing and another visit someday could be on my list of revisits to historical sites and parks. I have many I would like to go to, but I must take one step at a time.

Oh and I recently found this game called "Trekking the National Parks" from Underdog Games. A fun game, and great for those who are curious and would like to learn more about our National Parks. Use discount code MEREDITH32639 for 25% off any order!

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